Product Listing Ads Drive 56% of Non Branded Search Traffic

Product Listing Ads Drive 56% of Non Branded Search Traffic
Simferopol, Russia - June 22, 2014: Google biggest Internet search engine. domain was registered September 15, 1997.

Product Listing ads are Google AdWords adverts that usually reside at the top of search results and consist of an image of the product, the product title and its price. PLA’s have become incredibly popular of late owing to their ability to send very qualified traffic to a website usually resulting in better overall performance.

In Q4 of 2014, PLA’s drove 56% of non branded clicks according to RKG’s latest report. In addition, Click Through Rates were 130% higher, conversion rates 30% higher and ROI 9% above regular non branded text ads.


Are you using Product Listing Ads?

There’s no better time to use product listing ads: They convert better and provide a better return on investment than regular ads (when properly managed). If you are an online retailer and not using Google Product Listing Ads then you are losing out to competitors that are.


How do Product Listing Ads work?

PLA’s require an XML feed which “feeds” your product range into a Google Merchants account. Most leading e-commerce platforms offer feeds as standard and any capable web developer should be able to produce a feed for your site if it’s a customised system. Google AdWords takes this information to produce ads based on your individual products. Google Merchant Centre regularly “pulls” your feed to ensure all information (such as pricing) is up to date at all times (You can also manually upload your feed).