10 powerful Twitter hacks

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10 powerful Twitter hacks
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Here at DPOM, we know that Twitter life can get a bit disorganised, especially when you follow hundreds or even thousands of accounts; it can be difficult to keep track of all that is going on. If you love social media and are looking for a way to be more organised with Twitter, we’ve devised these 10 great hacks to help you on your way.


#1 Create a follow list

By creating follow lists, you can keep track of the people you want to follow the most, be it work colleagues, important clients, news and world happenings, or just your favourite or funniest accounts. Create as many lists as you want.


#2 Wise up on Twitter shortcuts

By going into Twitter and typing ? you will bring up all the niftiest shortcuts that you can learn and start using like a pro.


#3 Use advanced search

Do you ever want to search for something on Twitter, but instead get bombarded with a lot of related information and accounts that you have to sift through before eventually finding what you are looking for? In that case, advanced search is for you, and does exactly what it says on the tin.


#4 Check who has access to your account

If you’re anything like the rest of us, you’ve probably at one time or another integrated apps into your Twitter account. Unless you revoke access, these accounts can still have access to your account years later, so best to check.


#5 Switch off alerts at night

If you’re someone who sleeps with their phone next to them, you’ll know getting bothersome tweets at 3am can be a pain. If you don’t like the idea of turning your phone off, you can always put Twitter to sleep, instead, by turning off notifications until morning. You can turn off email notifications completely, too.


#6 Catalogue all your tweets

By clicking on the gear icon, then ‘Settings’, you can find the option to request your entire Twitter archive. You’ll then get notified by email when they are ready to read. This is especially interesting if you’ve been on Twitter for a few years, and want to know how your account has evolved over time. Or if you’re just sentimental.


#7 Start using hashtags

We can’t stress this enough. Hashtags are a great way to get your tweets noticed to new audiences by jumping on the bandwagon of the latest Twitter trends, but don’t just use them in your tweets; stick a couple of relevant ones in your bio, too. Think of it as sort of like Twitter SEO.


#8 Use the #discover function

This is a great function, but you need to train it first, as the algorithm can be a bit off. This function will provide tweets you might find interesting, but may not necessarily appear on your newsfeed.


#9 Subscribe to public lists

Following a public list is a great way to gain exposure, and you don’t have to follow that specific person in order to do it. You’ll get access to great specific feed information for whatever theme you’re following, without doing any of the work!


#10 Check what lists you’re on

This is a good one for finding out how you’re perceived on Twitter and your popularity level. See if any relevant brands or people are following you, or what categories you’re being placed into, and think how you could possibly improve it.