5 Tips to prevent Social Self-Destruction!

5 Tips to prevent Social Self-Destruction!
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It is well known that Social Media is deeply ingrained in our day to day lives, but it is also important to understand the core principles of Social Media and by not following them what it could result in.

So let’s delve deeper into what is going to fill your Social with pizzazz or give it all the buzz of a dead bee! I believe that five fundamentals should be a part of any brand social media. When creating content for your Social Media platforms it is important to remember that it is not a billboard, the clue is in the name “SOCIAL”. So to ensure that you create Social success, I have put together my 5 top tips.

1. Pull back the curtain

Social Media is crowded with generic content that gets pushed out by hundreds of brands, so how are you going to be different? Personality! Giving your Social Media Personality is key as people want to know the real you.

How? One of the best ways to introduce the character is to present yourself. People love to see who is behind the brand. This is like a backstage pass, and everyone likes to know what happens behind the scenes! Other great ways would include sharing, photos from events, lunches, meetings and just plain fun around the office.

2. Question Time

People love to share their opinions, and Social Media is no different! Asking questions on Social Media is an excellent way to build a community, drive engagement and promote the brand.

How? It is important to remember that Social Media users are humans, so ensure that the questions that you ask a human and relatable, it is also important to note that not every question have to relate back the brand directly. The aim is to start a conversation and generate new ideas for content.

3. Humour

Humour links in well with adding personality, everyone likes a good laugh, so it is always good practice to add some light-hearted humour, just be sure that it is not offensive as this will have the opposite effect. It has been shown time and time again that a brand that lets loose once in a while has a better audience retention than a Social feed that’s like a new broadcast.

How? There is no need to think the humour contribution to your Social over, simply share a funny image, GIF or quote.

4. Customer Service

You have heard the quote “Customer is King” well it’s not far wrong! Another crucial mistake made by brands on Social Media is when they don’t realise Social Media is an extension of their customer service. People are going to talk about your brand whether you are monitoring it or not, so don’t miss out!

How? There are many ways to track your Social Profiles and set up keyword searches to monitor your brand name on your brand pages, and a popular choice is Hootsuite. The important thing is to listen and shape conversations this could be in the form of questions or complaints, but if you are there listening then you can shape the outcome by responding quickly.

Tip: Your competitors will be monitoring your brand so make sure you don’t give them any more incentive to chase your customers!

5. Blogs, Blogs, Blogs

I have this conversation nearly every day! For virtually every industry there are numerous blog topics which act as great conversation starters. The reason blogs are so important is that they are informative and offer different viewpoints, which in turn generates conversations and engagement! All starting on your brand’s pages and because the blog will be relevant to your industry, you will be the first place they look for products/services.

How? Blogs are a fundamental part of anyone’s brand, yes they may be time-consuming, but the results outweigh the time it takes! But if you haven’t got the time you can always outsource this to digital agencies with copywriters. But it is essential for your brand’s development and your search rankings!