Black Friday is about to take over! How can E-commerce compete?

Black Friday is about to take over! How can E-commerce compete?
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[fusion_text]Black Friday has a clutch on the consumer world. Deals after deals are being flung out from the arms of businesses all over the world, aiming to capitalise on the biggest day of the calendar year as the Christmas season starts ringing its bells.

Black Friday originated in America, it is traditionally the Friday after Thanksgiving, which falls on the fourth Thursday of November. It is widely considered the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, although there are some who would have started and finished a while before this!

So Black Friday is the start of the Christmas Season, however, in the last few years, sales figures have dropped for this day of the year slightly as more and more consumers opt for the safety and warmth of their own home and buy online. This has led to the new phenomenon known as Cyber Monday which sees shoppers shop for bargains online on the Monday at work or home, after finding they could not find what they wanted in the previous days.

It isn’t just the U.S that Black Friday has a hold on, over the years Black Friday events have spread across the globe, firstly its neighbour Canada started offering competitive deals, so consumers wouldn’t hop across the border for a better deal. Over recent years it has also spread across ‘The Pond’ as UK stores jumped on to the trend, and even further afield the likes of Australia and India have also jumped on the bandwagon and stores offer huge discounts on products both online and in store.

But you’re probably thinking, that’s all well and good Aaron, but how does this involve me?

Well during this frantic period of time when customers are looking to get their festive shopping up and running, there is no better time for your products to be placed conveniently in front of their faces. Due to this period of the year being the busiest for those selling products both online and in store, it is critical for your business to be displayed not only correctly but also effectively. That is why we encourage, not pressure, you to consider upping your budget. As once your budget runs out, your ad isn’t going to be seen, so the more clicks you get earlier in the day, the shorter your budget lasts meaning fewer clicks for you!!

When potential customers are looking for products you want to be at the top of the Google search, I can already hear you saying, you don’t have the money. But would you believe me if I said that wasn’t all that mattered? It plays a part yes, the more money you generally spend on a keyword, the more likely you are to be at the top but not automatically guaranteed to be there. By improving your quality score you can reach the peak. You can do this by improving your landing page so it is relevant, the better your landing page the more likely you are to gain conversions and meaningful clicks, meaning again, more customers.

Improving your ad quality will also raise your rankings, again, the more relevant your ad is to what the customer has searched, the better you will rank. Consider adding extensions as well, such as a Call To function which allows a customer to directly contact your business another useful one, especially those who provide online services, is the review extension. This allows people to see how others have rated your business, provide a good service and you get a good score, this leads to more customers. Could it be any more simple?

In the pandemonium of this 4 day shopping frenzy, it is easy to get swept up and pushed out to sea, however with the correct planning and a calm attitude you will receive more traffic to your site, this time of year can see you earn a large chunk of your yearly earnings, so buckle up and prepare for the ride because things are about to get busy, and it’s going to happen quickly!