8 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Nottingham

8 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Nottingham

Nottingham – you’d be missing out to not invest here! This is a city that has a whole lot going for it, from its business districts and thriving economy, through to its cultural attractions and quality of life. Here are eight reasons why, if you’re starting a business, you should invest in Nottingham:

You’ll be operating in the economic capital of the East Midlands

Nottingham is the economic capital of the East Midlands and has an economy worth a whopping £12 billion, which is more than just a little loose change. Nottingham has also been reported to have overtaken Derby and Leicester in terms of growth. Go Nottingham!

You’ll have access to a large talent pool

More than half of the jobs in the city are based in knowledge-intensives such as financial services, business, life sciences, creative and digital, and advanced manufacturing. Start your business in Nottingham and you’ll have access to some serious talent for operation in those fields. The city is home to two universities – Nottingham Trent University and the University of Nottingham – as well as the Nottingham Business School, which is part of Nottingham Trent University and attracts 60,000 students each year.

You can get to, from and around the city easily

Nottingham has a terrific infrastructure that would make it easy for business associates from around the UK – and from around the world, for that matter – to travel to the city and do business with you. The city is as little as 90 minutes from London by train and the East Midlands Airport (EMA) is a mere 25 minutes away by car.

Then there is the tram system. As well as infusing Nottingham with a slightly European flavour, the metro features stops near the universities and some of the main points of interest in the city, such as the National Justice Museum. Naturally, several metro stops also link up with train stations in the city, making getting to and from Nottingham, and around it, very straightforward.

The city has a strong buy-to-let market

If you’re in the property business and you’re thinking of setting up in Nottingham, it will be music to your ears to hear that the city is the number one spot in the UK for buying to let. Research which confirms university towns and cities as potentially offering some of the best yields for landlords highlighted two different postcodes in Nottingham with high yields. Although Liverpool was hot on its heels, Nottingham took the top spot.

The business ecosystem favours you

Nottingham embraces new business with open arms. The city has a highly supportive ecosystem with business incubators, coworking spaces and different business quarters to help you get your business off the ground or drive it forward.

The Creative Quarter does what it says on the tin by supporting creative and digital businesses, whereas Accelerate Places is all about providing offices and coworking spaces for businesses. If you specialise in life sciences, you’d want to look into BioCity Nottingham, a former Boots R&D lab which provides modern office and lab spaces for this purpose. Meanwhile, MediCity paves the way for you to establish your business or grow it further in the healthcare sector.

You’ll be in a tech business hub

Tech businesses are a big thing these days and Nottingham supports this firmly with its Creative Quarter, which provides plenty of coworking spaces for creative and digital businesses. There’s a lot of interest in tech in the city, with some 29,000 students following studies in creative or digital fields, so if you’re seeking out someone technologically savvy for your business, you’ve got a good chance of finding someone for the project. You can indulge any interests of your own in tech and keep up to date with events in the field via the numerous tech events and meetups that take place in the city. There’s always something happening!

You’ll have a fine quality of life

Nottingham is superb for business, but don’t forget that when you’re not working on your business, you’ve got to be able to relax and appreciate your location – and Nottingham gives you plenty to appreciate. You can enjoy the greenery of Sherwood Forest – famous for being the home of the legendary outlaw Robin Hood – or venture out to the Peak District, both of which are only an hour away by road.

You can enjoy cultural riches

Then there’s also the cultural riches of Nottingham that will attract tourism – and potential income for your business. You’re not only in Robin Hood country, but also a UNESCO City of Literature, an accolade the city received in 2015. To live in Nottingham is to have shared a city with D.H. Lawrence and Lord Byron – and not everyone can say they’ve done that.

Well-connected and welcoming to anyone looking to start up or grow their business, Nottingham is a deserving recipient of your time and your investment. The city is also working on an initiative with Derby, the Metro Strategy, which will drive economic growth in the area even further. Invest in Nottingham – there are promising times ahead.

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