Social Media From Scratch: The Basics

Social Media From Scratch: The Basics

Trying to wrap your head around Social Media? We understand that it can be quite overwhelming for businesses that are just starting out. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you set up your Social Media accounts! Continue reading to find out more!

Choose Your Networks

Choosing the correct Social Media networks for your business is the first and most important step to getting your Social Media up and running. Being on the right platforms for you can make or break your success. But how do you find out which platforms will work for you? You need to look at your industry and your competitors to start with. In our previous blogs – “How A Small Business Can Utilise Social Media” we discuss this topic in further depth. However, when searching for your correct network, you need to ask yourself, does this channel contain my target demographics? Does my target audience consistently engage here? Do our competitors target users on this network? If the answer to these questions is yes, you’ve found a network that you should be using!

Complete Your Profiles

Completing your profiles is an incredibly important step in your marketing strategy. As a business on Social Media, you need to ensure that you are recognisable and easily contactable. By completing your about section, contact information and page, a user is able to learn about your business and make a judgement whether they want to engage with you.

Integrate Social Media Advertising Into Your Strategy

Once you’ve set up your Social Media accounts and your business is getting to grips with using the platforms, it’s time to take the next step. As a business, it’s important to keep up with your competitors and always strive to take first place. That’s where Social Media Advertising comes into play. It is estimated that 4 million businesses use Facebook Ads to promote their brand and service, but, how do you become one of them and see success?

Know your Campaign Objective and Choose The Right One

When pursuing a new marketing venture, you need to ensure that you prioritise your goals. Without a distinct goal, your business would most likely waste money and time. With each business, different goals arise. Some of the most common goals are:

Attracting Website Traffic: By setting your campaign goal to boost traffic, you are generating unique visitors and page views on your website. This is the ideal goal if you are wanting people to convert via your website, for example, filling in a form or giving you a call.

Increasing Engagement: One of the best ways to increase engagements is by running a follower campaign. Through a follower campaign, you are able to gain an interested and valuable user base that you can promote future content to. Additionally, you are able to tell which content works well with your audience through measuring interactions such as likes, comments and shares.

Lead Generation: A lead generation campaign is ideal for businesses wanting to capture prospects and gain an audience of potential clients. Targeting really comes into play when creating a lead generation campaign as you need to ensure you are targeting users that will complete your form or get in touch with you.

Sales: Correctly utilising Social Media Advertising can assist future sales of your product or service. Through testing your advertisements and audiences you are able to see which products are your best sellers. Although Social Media is not a direct sales funnel, you and integrate Social Media Advertising into your marketing plan to assist conversions and collect important data for future marketing ventures.

Test, Test Test!

To get the most out of your advertising campaigns, you need to make sure that you are creating your best ads and targeting the best audience. However, how do you know that your ads are the best they can be? Through testing! The only way to know if something works is to take a look at data over time and make informed decisions. It is essential to continuously refresh, alter and test your ads against one another to see which ones are strong winners. Once you have detailed information, you can create more successful ads along the same nature as your previous winners. To avoid wasted spend, it is also important to pause ads that aren’t performing as well. Another way to avoid wasting spend is by not clicking on your ads. We all do it, as we all have the urge to see what our own ads look like but by searching and clicking on your own advertisements you are only hindering your data and wasting your budget in the process.

What’s next?

Now that you know the basics of Social Media and Social Media Advertising campaigns. What should your company do next? The next step is to contact the professionals! The best way to know if something is going to work is to try it first hand. To find out more about how Social Media Advertising can aid your business and achieve your goals, give us a call to speak with a social media specialist today! 0115 727 0038