Instagram’s Upgraded Features – Direct Communication and advertisement

Instagram’s Upgraded Features – Direct Communication and advertisement
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Throughout the ten years that Instagram has been active, it’s users have grown to over seven hundred million. So, it comes at no surprise that advancements are being made to improve their user interface. 

Direct Messaging Links

A beneficial aspect from a business perspective is the newest direct messaging update. This allows users to showcase links with an auto-previewed image and description.

Statistics show that more than half of active Instagram users currently use direct messaging. Therefore, displaying your company and products through this new feature maybe become another way to potentially increasing conversions.

However, the effectiveness of this new update may be unsuccessful as direct messaging conversations between business and customer has not shown much popularity.

Expanded Image Sharing Options

As announced by Instagram a new feature through direct messaging has arisen. Image distribution has always been accessible over Instagram’s direct messaging, however, this new update allows both portrait and landscape images to be shared.

In the announcement, Instagram explained that the objective of the update is to allow users to share without worrying about having to crop the image. Therefore, combating the fact that a cropped image may not be optimised to its full potential.

Advertisement Through Stories

Instagram Story Ads launched in March, following the original Instagram Story feature. The objective behind this launch was to increase the reach of a business and to target potential conversions.

Since this feature has become available to Instagram there have been a recorded rise in Traffic and conversions. This increase was also explained as a main objective of the Story Advertisement.

In comparison to the also newly introduced Facebook stories, Instagram has shown to be favourable. Statistically, two hundred million users are active on Instagram stories, with the activity increasing daily.

Hidden Direct Messages Seen Or Read Receipts

Also, the latest Instagram update allows a user to essentially hide their read receipt. This allows a user to view a direct message without notifying the sender.

This new feature may not be beneficial to business owners as a client can easy avoid a direct message, this update can remove all forms of tracking for a potential conversion.

Demographically, over half of all Instagram users are active through direct messages, around an outstanding three hundred and fifty million active users.

Therefore, personally advertising your product through this platform is common amongst businesses. However, removing the read receipt aspect can affect message tracking. Furthermore, having a negative effect on a business conversions and tracking.