7 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs Social Media Marketing

7 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs Social Media Marketing
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If you work in or own a small business, you’ll understand how important your brands’ online presence is to your overall success. That’s why, in this modern age, Social Media has become a vital investment to any businesses marketing strategy. But why social media? Read this blog to find out…

1 – Social Media Drives Targeted Traffic To Your Website

Social Media is a great way to increase targeted website traffic. Targeted website traffic means the amount of data sent to a website via a relevant visitor that is likely to convert with your business. By actively posting and boosting content on your social media accounts, your pages generate a following made up of interested and engaged users. Once you have established this audience, you have the opportunity to boost your website traffic by incorporating links to your website in your content. When promoting these posts, they will show up on the feeds of your relevant followers, which means that traffic that goes through to your website from social will be the type of visitors you want.

2 – Active Presence Builds a Relationship With Your Target Audience

If your business aims to build strong, long-lasting relationships with your customers, then an active online presence is essential. The type of relationship that your business builds with your target market is vital, that’s why Social Media Marketing should not be overlooked. By increasing the level of contact your business has with your target market through direct messaging, replying to comments and engaging on community posts, your business will be sure to see a rise in retention rates and positive audience relations.

3 – Social Media Ads – Targeting & Retargeting

After hearing about Facebook’s new algorithm changes, should your business be worried about losing online authority and Facebook potential leads? The answer is not when you’re investing in Social Media Advertising! Social Media Advertising can be seen as the Social version of Pay Per Click. Investing in Social Advertising encourages targeted users to interact and engage with your content to result in your chosen choice of conversion. For example, you’re an online retailer looking to promote your app and your chosen conversion is app downloads. Why not create a campaign with the goal of app downloads?   

4 – Generates Media Coverage and Event Exposure

When your business is holding an event, media coverage is essential. Actively promoting your event on Social Media is one of the best ways to increase awareness of your event and encourage your target audience to attend. As previously mentioned in the blog, Social Media Ads allow your business to target a particular audience range specifically. Therefore, say your business is holding an event at a local venue, you’ll want to target people within a certain radius to ensure you’re targeting the correct location. Moreover, you’ll also want to incorporate publishing your event within your local community groups to gain organic event awareness and drive traffic towards your page.    

5 – Community Groups – Builds Brand Loyalty

Building brand loyalty is critical, especially when competing on Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. If you’re a small, local business a great way to increase brand loyalty is by regularly engaging with your community, your business can do this by joining community groups. Community groups can become a useful asset for generating a relevant audience. For example, if you’re a local plumber and you want to promote an offer or deal that you are holding, then sharing this event in your community group will raise awareness, promote the offer and encourage your local area to contact you.  

6 – Your Competitors Use Social Media – So Should You

It is more than likely that your industry competitors have expanded their advertising strategy to include social media. It is estimated that around 91% of retail businesses are active on social media. In order to increase your customer base, you must overtake your competitors, and a great way to do this is by creating a strong online presence. By gaining trusted reviews, active followers and increasing branded content, your Social Media is sure to develop and outshine your industry competitors.

7 – Increases Brand Awareness

A great way to have your brand recognised by thousands of potential customers is by utilising Social Media Marketing. This is because of the effect that an active Social Media presence has on your business’s brand awareness. Promoting your business Social Media is essential for creating a fully established brand, furthermore, increasing brand knowledge and brand awareness.

To conclude, is it time that your small business invests in Social Media Marketing? The answer is yes! For more information and advice, contact our friendly, knowledgeable and professional Social Media team today! Call us on the phone number 01754 252 152, fill out our online form submission or visit our Social Media Management page on our website!