The Importance of a Great Landing Page

The Importance of a Great Landing Page
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The quality of your landing page is extremely important; it can be crucial to the success of your business. In an ideal world, people will be lead to your website and convert every time. However, this is not always the case. 

So what is a landing page?

 A landing page is a point of entry for a website – essentially, a web page that you “land” on. Many companies send advertising, email or social media traffic to their homepage and this is a huge missed opportunity. You can increase conversions by using more targeted landing pages – (see how below!) 

What makes a good landing page?

 What makes a good landing page is dependent on your website. Your PPC campaign could be brilliant, capturing all the traffic, but you haven’t won yet. “You might land a big one on your hook, but you won’t be able to drag it into the boat”. You don’t want people just searching your website, you want them to take action whilst they’re there. 

Clean, organised design:

The appearance of your page design will have a huge impact on the effectiveness of your landing page and how well it drives conversions. It must be well structured and look attractive – do not clutter and complicate your web page. Having too much text will disinterest visitors but it is equally important to provide sufficient, relevant and informative content to your landing pages. Your landing pages must serve one, clear objective.

Determine your goals:

This is the first step to any strategy. Consider what your visitors would do upon landing on your page and define what you class as conversions. For example, a locksmith may consider phone calls and website contact forms as conversions as these are they ways that his customers book appointments.

Make it easy for your customers to convert:

However your customers convert, make sure it is simple for them to do so – don’t make them search for inquiry forms, contact information etc. There should be few barriers and little distance to travel. Include plenty of encouraging call-to-actions such as “Call now for a free quote”.

Ideally, you want a tailored landing page for each ad group. Each landing page should also provide high-quality information content as this inspires confidence and trust.

Remember! – a poorly constructed landing page can lead to a bad quality score, a high bounce rate and few conversions.