By 2020 global internet ad spend will overtake traditional TV

By 2020 global internet ad spend will overtake traditional TV
KIEV, UKRAINE - AUGUST 22, 2015:Collection of popular social media logos printed on paper:Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, Skype, YouTube, Linkedin and others on wooden background

The Internet is the fastest growing advertising medium in the world and is now expected to surpass traditional TV according to a new report from ZenithOptimedia.

The Internet was already the dominant medium in seven markets last year – Australia, Canada, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the UK. By 2017 they will dominate in another 5 including China & Germany.

ZenithOptimedias CEO Steve King said “ The internet is quickly establishing itself as the dominant advertising medium, and on current trends will overtake television by the end of the decade”.

Steve went on to highlight the fact that this information only relates to traditional television that is viewed on TV sets. Viewers are now watching videos online on their handheld devices & laptops more often and advertisers are smartly following suit by shifting more of their advertising budgets online to follow them.

Unsurprisingly, mobile has been identified as the main driver behind internets growing market share – mobiles global share of as spend is expected to rise by more than double from 5.1% to 12.9% – this would make up 70% of global as spend growth overall.

By 2017, internet ad spend will close the gap with television to just 4%, when considering this year the difference is 11%, you can see just how impressive these figures are.