3 Fundamental Tips for increasing the CTRs of your Google Ads

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3 Fundamental Tips for increasing the CTRs of your Google Ads

Your Google ad copy is the first thing that your target audience sees when searching for your keywords. It is the first link between you and them and therefore they need to be of the highest quality, engage that user and show brand authority all within the character limit.

Here lies the challenge – how do you ensure that your ads are of maximum relevancy in order to increase the probability of getting that user to click your ads and provide your website with the opportunity to convert them? I’ll go into some tips below:


Ask questions in your ad copy

Relating your ad to the user’s problem is super effective in terms of sparking interest. This works for both e-commerce and lead generation because the user will relate instantly if you’re asking them a question. 

Let’s say you’re an electrician that specialises in home rewiring, I’ll add some example questions you could use below:

Need your home re-wiring?

Looking for a home rewire? 

Debating having your home rewired? 

Make sure these questions are related to the keywords in your ad groups in order to increase relevancy and improve/maintain quality scores.


Turn off automated ad extensions

From experience, automated extensions rarely increase the performance of a campaign and you’re much better of focusing on A/B testing the extensions that you’re intentionally showing than allowing the platform to decide the creatives for you. Click through rate is a factor for quality score and as such is a priority secondary metric. 

Turning off automated extensions gives you full control and performance will improve over time. 

To turn this off, head to ads & extensions > automated extensions and then click the three dots on the far right of the screen, see below: 

Once you’ve clicked through that you can see an option to turn off the automated extensions of your choice.


Keep your ads current & relevant

This may sound like it’s common sense but you wouldn’t believe the number of times that I’ve seen advertisers not keeping their ads topical and relevant to the current climate. Possibly the biggest example of this would be Black Friday. There isn’t a better way to get your ads noticed than to relate to the current event, be it Black Friday, Valentines Day, Christmas etc. 

There are features such as countdown timers, for sales you’re running etc but the best and most relevant way for you to be able to speak to your audience in real-time and engage them with what’s happening in their life at that present moment. 

Even basic phrases such as “20% off T-shirts in January” will help you increase CTRs and improve your performance. 

This is just a short snippet of the options you have available to you in order to improve performance. It’s a given that well-written ads will perform better but if you just step up the game a little bit, be creative and start trying to engage your audience further.