5 Reasons to Try Google AdWords

5 Reasons to Try Google AdWords
Businessman drawing PPC - Pay Per Click concept on blurred abstract background

Many businesses have heard about Google AdWords and many of them often are not sure if AdWords can work for them or if they should try AdWords at all.

AdWords is a Pay Per Click (PPC) System. It is hugely successful and accounts for around 97% of Google’s revenue. If it didn’t work it wouldn’t be so successful yet there are still many business owners that question or are unsure of its ability as a marketing medium.

AdWords requires time, patience and money to get right – that’s for sure. It would be unwise (and often unrealistic) to expect that running AdWords (often with a free voucher) for a month is enough to prove its potential. The fact is: the longer and better you run AdWords the better the performance (as you should be constantly optimising your campaigns).

As with any type of marketing you should set a realistic budget and time frame to give it chance to work for your business (A Google Certified Partner can help you with this).
If you’ve never tried AdWords here’s 10 reasons why you should:


1. Adwords is Scalable



The great thing about AdWords is that is absolutely scalable. Once your campaigns are performing well and you understand the returns you are getting you can apply more budget to get more clicks and hence more conversions. Here is an example:

If you are spending £1000 on AdWords per month and getting 100 orders with a cost per conversion of £10 and your average sale is £300 then your probably quite happy with your AdWords performance. If these figures worked with your margins you’d want to throw as many £10’s at it as you can as you know it results in a conversion right?

Providing there are enough searches (AdWords can tell you this too!) then doubling your budget would effectively double your conversions with the same CPA (Cost per acquisition).

Given this, rather than arbitrary capping your budget you could raise it to take advantage of the additional conversions that are possible.


2. AdWords is Accountable



Think about this, if your spending money on traditional advertising, lets say magazine advertising. What return do you get from this medium? How many people who saw your advert visited your website and enquired? How many turned into customers?

Closer to home, lets look at SEO for example: Whilst SEO is very accountable its not to the extent that AdWords is for example: you cannot attribute specific actions to ranking increases or decreases. With AdWords your advert position is a measured metric so we can see exactly what has contributed to position changes for example.

Overall AdWords gives you lots of metrics for you to quickly gauge if your campaigns are performing – or otherwise.


3. AdWords Gets Faster Results than SEO.



If your a new business and SEO campaign is going take months (if not years) to get you significant levels of traffic. SEO takes time and age of your website/domain is a factor: new sites take longer to rank for terms than established sites do.

Adwords on the other hand can be active within a matter of minutes allowing you to compete almost instantly with your competition. You can often start your account with a free voucher from Google essentially giving you advertising budget to get started with.


4. AdWords is Very Flexible



AdWords gives advertisers lots of options to help “laser target” potential clients, here’s some examples:

Target ads by: Location, Language, Device Type, Time of Day, Day of Week and lots more. Since AdWords can monitor your conversions you can set your ads to only show at times you are more likely to receive a conversion.

Ad Extensions: Add Call Extensions which allow searches to call you by clicking a button (on mobile) or get your telephone number directly from your advert. Site Extensions allow you to display additional links to sections of your website or Product Extensions which allows you to display actual product images within your adverts.

Display Network: Show your ads on other websites such as You Tube or even GMail. You can even use Google’s Re-Marketing system to show targeted ads to visitors that have abandoned your checkout process for example.



5. Your Competitors are Using AdWords


If everyone else is doing it, why aren’t you? Search Engine visitors are always going to click the adverts (15% of all do) so if your not there you are certainly missing out. It was reported that in the latter half of 2012 paid search spending increased by 33% suggesting a significant uptake in the use of systems such as Google AdWords.