Google AdWords Quality Score & Ad Rank Explained

Google AdWords Quality Score & Ad Rank Explained
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Quality Score can be very confusing. Ultimately it directly reflects how well (or badly) your AdWords Campaign will perform. Quality Score is made up of various factors which combine to give your keywords a score between 1 and 10 – the higher the score, the better the potential performance.


Quality Score is made up of the following factors:



  • Click Through Rate of a keyword / display URL (also considers past performance)
  • Historic Performance – your CTR of your keywords and ads is considered based on past performance
  • Relevance of search queries to keywords to ads to landing pages. (yes it considers your website landing page content too!)
  • Geographic Performance
  • Device Performance

Everytime a search query is performed within Google your Quality Score is calculated on that moment to decide where your advert places in search advertising positions and what you will pay.

This means its crucial to work to improve quality scores: the more improvements you make the better your ads will perform. Bare in mind the quality score you see within AdWords is an average which only gets updated every month or so.


Why is Relevance Important?



The best performing AdWords campaigns are generally the most relevant. Keywords should be relevant to the adverts you write which in turn must be relevant to your landing page. For example:

Ad Group: Mens Red Widgets

Keyword: Red Widgets for Men




Red Widgets For Men
Buy Mens Red Widgets, Sale Now On.
Great Prices, Fast Delivery, Buy Now!



Landing Page: Our Range of Red Widgets For Men (with relevant products).
In the above example, the Ad Group concerned contains relevant keywords that apply to the advert and landing page perfectly. Always try to make neat, tidy and highly relevant ad groups: don’t just fill one ad group with lots of varying keywords.

By following the above example you’ll help your quality score significantly. The reason is, because due to the increased relevance your CTR will likely be higher which in turn means that person is more likely to convert as they are finding a high level of relevance to their search intent all the way through the process.

Remember: Higher the Quality Score, lower your CPC and First Page / Top of First Page estimate.


Ad Positions


Google rewards relevance (higher Quality Score) with better ad positions. Better ad positions (right at the top) perform better and can get more clicks. Your Ad Rank determines where your ad places and this made up from your maximum CPC and your Quality Score.

This means, that if you have a higher Quality Score than your competition then you could place higher than them even though they are bidding more.


How to Structure an Advert



To extract the best possible performance from your ads you should test different ads and measure results. All ads should follow this format:


Intended Keyword
The Hook – Attention Seek Here
The Call to Action, Get the Click Here



If you wanted to buy a new sofa which ad would you click on first?
Buy Sofa’s Online
Huge Range of Sofas Online
Best Prices, Fast Delivery, Buy Now!




Furniture For Sale
We Sell a Range of Furniture


Remember that the display URL isn’t your actual URL (you set that in the AdWords system) so use it wisely to increase relevance.
I hope this blog helps you understand Quality Score and AdRank and how to get better performance from your AdWords Campaigns. If you find its taking up too much of your time or you need help give us a call or read more about our AdWords Management Service.