How social media improves conversion rates

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How social media improves conversion rates
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If you’re running an ecommerce site, chances are that your business already has a social media presence across different channels. If you do, then you will be well aware that social media provides you with a quick and easy way to reach more consumers as well as increase the awareness of your brand. Additionally, it enables you to communicate with the customers directly, adding trust and loyalty. What you may not be aware of, however, is that social media can improve your site’s conversion rate. Here is how it works…

Social proof

Social proof works to increase brand trust. Consumers who trust a brand are far more likely to be at ease when buying your products. Research has shown that customers trust opinions and reviews that they see on social media more than other sources. Social media makes it easy for your customers to share their reviews and recommendations on their own profile and, as well as the recommendations, status updates along with side conversions contribute to the social proof of your business.

Social logins

Social media also enables your site to have a social login. This is where people use their Facebook or Google account to log in to your site. With a social login, you’ll be providing your site’s visitors with convenience and security. There’s no need for them to sign up to an account because they just use their social media account instead. Here’s how social logins help drive conversion:

No registration forms

A lot of consumers are wary when it comes to filling out form after form for different sites. It can be easy for them to lose track of the sites they’ve signed up to along with the different passwords they may have. With a social login, however, the need to fill out a new form disappears, they just sign in using their profile. There’s no requirement to remember as password and they’ll automatically be taken to their account on your site. Ultimately, a social login option means the number of visitors leaving your site because they don’t want to go through the registration process will vastly reduce.

Less abandoned baskets

A lot of companies find themselves in the position of losing customers who have already put several items into their basket, only to abandon it at checkout because they are required to register. If there’s a social login, however, there’s no need for the added step, and you won’t be providing your customers with that extra bit of time where they might reconsider their purchase.

If you’re looking to improve the conversion rate of your site, talk to us today about how social media, as well as SEO and PPC, can help.