Effective Twitter strategies for the B2B marketer

Effective Twitter strategies for the B2B marketer
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Twitter is a great place for direct-to-consumer companies to develop and grow their client bases. But your business could also benefit from this platform which is all too often overlooked by business-to-business marketers. 

Be professional

When you complete your company’s Twitter profile, make sure you include all the relevant information including your web address and your profile picture. Not giving potential customers an easy link to your website is unforgivable, but you’d be surprised how many people forget to include one in their profile.

Share content

Sharing content from other locations is an invaluable way of disseminating information. This process acts like ripples on a pond when a pebble is tossed in; the more you share with others, the more likely someone will share with you. Try re-tweeting someone from outside your business niche to give your brand exposure to a new audience.

Use Twitter’s analytics

Twitter has some extremely useful analytics, which you’ll find on your dashboard. These can help you track your business growth, mentions, and even those who have ceased following you. You are also able to track the reach of your campaigns. The analytics tool is free, but in order to use it, you must create a campaign for a promoted Tweet or Trend. Bearing this in mind, you might be better off doing your campaign monitoring from an alternative platform.

Whatever tool you use to help manage your campaigns, you should make it a routine task to tag your URLs with Google’s URL Builder which monitors traffic coming in from Twitter in your Google Analytics.

Keep active

It looks extremely unprofessional to have a Twitter account set up that’s never used. Not only will you lose followers, but people will also assume that you’re either unreliable or simply disinterested. Keep your Twitter activity levels up by delegating one person in your company to look after the account. This keeps things consistent and prevents misunderstandings about who is supposed to Tweet deals and promotions to your target audience.

When your Twitter account manager is on holiday or on sick leave, remember to make sure you have someone else lined up to step in. That person needs to be fully briefed and up to speed with how the account operates.

Twitter is a very valuable medium for conducting B2B marketing campaigns so make sure you don’t miss out on a great opportunity; get organised and get active!