Why brands should invest in social advertising

Why brands should invest in social advertising
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In recent years, many brands have come to adopt social media as an aspect of their digital marketing strategies. However, the difference between opting for organic only content, or choosing to invest in paid advertising is becoming even more lucrative. 

To start, organic content is by no means dying out. Organic content, especially new platform features, such as Facebook and Instagram Live, continue to drive high engagement rates as the platform algorithm favours these over basic posts. And paid media is by no means essential for every single piece of content you publish, in fact, it’s best implemented mainly for campaign periods, or singular, high-quality pieces of content you want to push to a new audience.

What’s important to note is that although organic content still achieves success, it can be significantly supercharged through paid advertising, even with a smaller budget. Due to paid advertising’s boost in previous years, and social networks heavily investing in paid elements, and adding more features on a regular basis, it’s likely to only go one way – up. With some basic tips and industry knowledge, it’s easy for brands to adopt and not get left behind in the race for brand awareness.

When it comes to social advertising, it may seem a daunting prospect, but in reality, it’s extremely easy to implement and monitor your results. Facebook provides the best ROI when it comes to popular objectives, such as engagement, traffic and acquisition. Depending on your budget, you can achieve successful results through detailed targeting options and creative assets.

The key for any successful paid advertising campaign is primarily a test and learn approach. Facebook now allows A-B split testing for ads, so it’s easier than ever to easily see at a glance which of your ads are performing better, and what can be improved going forward.

Always ensure A-B split testing involves a clear split between targeting options, creative, and devices. This is likely to provide the best insight, which can be seen within a day or even hours after launching your campaign, so your budget can be used even more efficiently.

Instagram uses the same advertising mechanic as Facebook, and although options aren’t as detailed, the best results can be seen through engagement objectives, as opposed to traffic. As Instagram is a completely visual-led platform, users are much more likely to engage with a post, than follow a link.

Familiarising yourself with these simple yet effective tips will help greatly when it comes to investing efficiently and effectively in paid advertising, and your brand is sure to benefit in return.