Beef-up your blog for extended life

Beef-up your blog for extended life
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Blogs are a vital element in keeping your audience engaged and pushing your marketing message and branding. But unlike newspaper articles that are read and then discarded, if properly done, a single blog can have many lives.


Share your blog regularly

The beauty of social media is you can repost material such as blogs, and there’s high chance you’ll snare new readers. So if you’ve written a blog and have already published it on your site and shared it on social media – share again. Don’t overdo it, however, as you don’t want go get a reputation for constantly posting stale material and so turn potential readers away.

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Create a series

Another way you can boost your blog is by developing ideas from an original piece into one or more spin-off blogs. This way you’re creating a series, and linking to each in every article, and so there’s a greater possibility of snaring more readers, people who may have missed the first number of blogs but caught the last, and they may well click their way back to the previous ones.

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Guest Posts (But don’t over do it!)

You can also think about developing guest posts; blogs written by either in-house personnel or someone external. Whichever you choose, or perhaps a mix of the two, aim high – go straight to the top management and ask them to write their expert views on a subject connected to the sector you work in. This way you can promote the pieces on social media and they’re sure to generate additional interest as people will want to know the views of the industry leader.


Update your old blogs

As things move quickly in the tech world and online, it’s always a good idea to give your blogs the once-over every now and again – say, every three to six months. Perhaps there have been some developments that have rendered parts of the blog outdated or plainly inaccurate. You won’t want that material available, as it may show you’re either behind the times or not exactly an expert in your field. To correct this, just update the blog to take in the new developments – and now you have a refreshed piece that you can share online all over again.


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