BT – A Change for the Better?

BT – A Change for the Better?

Everyone knows, that in the world of business whether it’s retail, a utilities giant, a market stall or a public service, you can have the best offline and online marketing you can afford and still fail to expand your business due to poor or non existent customer service.


Indeed, many who know me also know that this is one of my pet hates; you only have to read my earlier blog to see what I mean. Disappointment and frustration usually go hand in hand especially with the big boys.

Now when I usually have a rant, I tend to not mention any company names and rely on inference and the reader’s interpretation to complete the scene. Over the last couple of weeks though, I have received some customer service that simply cannot be ignored and I feel it is necessary to bring this to the publics attention.

BT Service

British Telecom or BT as they are mostly known, has had a fair bit of negative press. Stories abound of great customer service when ordering a product and thereby increasing your monthly/quarterly spend, but when there is a problem you will get a foreign call centre where the operator is working to a script and has no idea of the business he/she is in due to what can only be inadequate training.

I have literally, in the past, put off calling BT knowing that I was going to have a battle on my hands with protracted periods of time being on hold being the least of my exasperation. I have gone days hoping that the problem will rectify itself without any need for me to pick up the phone, alas, it’s never the case.

Several Issues

I have had several recent issues with BT recently, consisting of a botched high speed fibre broadband install, three faulty Hubs and again, an incident where I wanted to add to my BT package and the operator knew less than I did. Far from ideal.

Speak to a Line Manager

My usual tack here is to ask to speak to the operators Line Manager, which usually ends in someone (never) calling you back. It was no surprise then that I am informed the manager will ring me back within the hour. Cue the rolling of eyes and a lustful glance at the whisky decanter.


Imagine my shock then when, within twenty minutes, a gentleman called Toby rang me, apologised for the problems I was having and informed me that he would go through the sequence of events and call me back the following evening.

Never Experienced Before

Long story short, Toby and I spoke several times over the next week or so and every time he promised he would ring, he did. On a couple of occasions where circumstances dictated that he couldn’t call, he made sure that a member of his team rang who was fully briefed, to keep me up to date. This service was something I had never experienced with BT and each time Toby kept his word, it rebuilt my customer expectations.

The icing on the cake was the point when Toby mentioned that now one problem had been solved; he was going to tackle the second one. Tackle it he did and within twenty-four hours, it was resolved even though technically it wasn’t his department. Take notice BT at least one part of your operation is working perfectly with customer service and satisfaction being high on their priority list. Personally, I can’t thank Toby and his team enough and hopefully, their colleagues will follow suit and up their game. Once again, BT take note, and thank you Toby.

Professional, Polite and Efficient

The question is, is Toby and his group of professional, polite and efficient team members the exception or now the rule? Well, that’s for you to judge. As for me, I was looking at changing my TV, broadband and telephone provider when my contracts expire with BT, but the customer service provided recently may just have changed my mind. Good job!