How to choose the right social media platform to promote your brand

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How to choose the right social media platform to promote your brand
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Making interesting posts through the right social media channels can be a great way to build solid relationships with your customers. So which platform should you be using, and what, exactly, are your options?

Well, there are three social media sites that we believe can benefit every organisation operating in the UK: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


LinkedIn is ideal for connecting with all your business contacts, and is even better suited to your purposes if your target market is made up of professionals. This platform has the highest average age of the main social networks. Any company operating in a B2B market should be actively present on LinkedIn.



Twitter gives you the opportunity to keep your followers up to date with close to real-time precision. In a world where the internet bombards us with information, only a tiny proportion of which is of interest, this microblog ensures that you keep your updates short and sweet for maximum impact.



Facebook’s user base alone should be enough to convince you to use their services. If that’s not enough, the ability to target a niche market and use their paid advertising options should be.


Pinterest and Instagram…

If your business is very visual, make sure that you’re using a visual platform. Sure, Facebook and Twitter have simple photo sharing options, but you should be on Pinterest or Instagram as well. Pinterest in particular has a huge female following.


Youtube and Vimeo…

If you have videos that will spark interest, be sure to get your business on Youtube or Vimeo, rather than just Facebook. Just look at how brands like GoPro and Redbull promote themselves – their videos regularly go viral.


Don’t forget Google+

Google+  may be considered by many to be a ghost town, but it’s still a great option for businesses. Why, you ask? For SEO purposes, of course. Google+’s + 1 function has more impact than Facebook’s similar likes, and in fact plays a role in ranking. Further, setting up Authorship on Google+ is a must for anyone who creates content.

Choose your platforms carefully – social media has to be updated regularly in order to be effective.