Conversion Tracking Is Invaluable

Conversion Tracking Is Invaluable
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My first week as a DPOM employee has ended – which Nigel has informed me means the end of the honeymoon period so to speak!

So moving on, one area that’s surprised me most is there is a massive problem that seems to arise when it comes to conversion tracking and clients implementing it.

Conversion tracking is an integral part of any Adwords account.

When conversion tracking is fully functional it brilliantly relays the facts as to which keywords are successful and which simply need to be binned. It is easily identifiable as to which keywords should be focused on because the AdWords account manager has reliable information available to them.

Without Conversion Tracking

Without conversion tracking managing an AdWords account is seemingly little more than educated guess work and it’s astonishing to see how many business seem to disregard it.

Conversion tracking is installed by simply inserting the HTML code generated by AdWords (It even comes with a guide!) into select pages on a businesses’ website: bread and butter for any web developer worth their salt and should be completed very quickly.

Some companies spend tens of thousands of pounds on AdWords marketing, yet seem to be against paying the relatively nominal fee required to have a web developer set up conversion tracking.

It’s astonishing that people who set up and build successful business seem to not want to maximise their profits by completing such a simple procedure

Conclusively if you have an AdWords account and you do not have conversion tracking enabled you’re effectively operating with both hands tied behind your back. So to Ensure your AdWords manager can get optimal results from AdWords, or even if you run the AdWords account yourself for that matter ensure your conversion tracking is set up and working.