Ensure your client knows what you need from them

Ensure your client knows what you need from them
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Having been working in the industry for 6 months now, I have noticed quite a few common themes that occur with regards to what clients / potential clients expect from an account manager to what they can actually do.

Being an agency that is transparent is something you should pride yourself on and sometimes you can hit a home run with an AdWords account from the get-go, other times patience & time is required in order to see results. Clients should be given this information from your first contact with them, sometimes however, problems still arise.  It is your job as their account manager to ensure they understand the power of PPC whilst giving them realistic & attainable goals.

Clients are often busy running their business, especially smaller budget clients, so it isn’t always possible to drop everything they’re doing. That being said the two following aspects of AdWords need putting in place as soon as possible.

Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking without Google AdWords, in every form, is crucial to building a successful AdWords campaign, if you cannot see which keywords are sending you enquiries, its all educated guess work. Generally this is well received as the implementation of this is for their benefit.

But as AdWords account managers there is only so much that we can do, it very much is a two way street. If an AdWords account manager isn’t pulling his weight, likewise if a client isn’t cracks will start to emerge.

Cost per Acquisition

The most common answer when asking clients what their target CPA would be is “as low as possible”. This is every agencies goal, but what we really need to know is when will a conversion be profitable. It is irrelevant how many conversions your campaign brings – if they aren’t profitable.

That being said you have to take into account the lifetime value of a customer, if 50% of your sales are from repeat customers

As AdWords managers we deal with 100’s of different clients with 1000’s of different requirements, it can be tough, but give the right agency the tools for the job & you give yourself a great chance of success.