Google AdWords now provides conversion tracking for phone calls

Google AdWords now provides conversion tracking for phone calls
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A couple of weeks ago, Google AdWords announced that they are now providing the ability to track telephone conversions. What this means is, visitors arriving on a website form an ad click and then call the company, the call can now show as a conversion within AdWords.


Why is call tracking important?

We are no stranger to call tracking (we’ve blogged about how important and useful it is in the past). Many visitors to a website prefer to pick the telephone and call a company rather than submit a form – particularly where mobile is concerned.

Tracking calls is the ONLY way to accurately understand which keywords, adverts, ad groups and campaigns within Google AdWords are literally making the telephone ring.


How does AdWords call tracking work?

A snippet of code inserted into your website dynamically inserts a Google forwarding number on the website after a user clicks on an advert. Conversions are registered if a user dials a number (or clicks on it when browsing using their phone). The Google number displays for up to 90 days and the number can be configured to fit in with your website design.


Should I implement Google AdWords call tracking?

Yes, absolutely. To get the best from AdWords, conversion tracking is essential. You should be tracking every email link, contact form and telephone call originating from your website.



Want to see it in action? Every number on this website is tracked, give us a call and we’ll explain how it works in detail!