Forget the iPhone, the Bookbook is the Future. (No Rooming Charges)

Forget the iPhone, the Bookbook is the Future. (No Rooming Charges)

So, the new iPhone 6 has finally broken cover. After months and months of speculation and tactically leaked information and images the wait is finally over. It matters not if you like the iPhone, you have to admit that the engineering and build quality is first class. Apple products demand a premium price because of this. That apart,the right marketing is crucial so it’s no surprise that Apple probably sinks millions of dollars on marketing prior to release day. It works too because money talks.


Loads of Money


It’s the same for any market large or small, it usually comes down to how much money you are prepared to sink in to your products promotion. A lot of money invested is good, an obscene amount is better and more likely to work, although there’s no guarantee.

Thats all well and good, but if you’re a SME, usually that level of promotion just ain’t feasible. So what can you do? Obviously you will be running a PPC and SEO campaign (and if you’re not, what are you playing at?) so as long as that’s being managed properly, your doing OK so far. Is there anything else you can think of that that your competitors aren’t doing and unlikely to do?


Think, Think, Think…


Now is the time to think outside of the envelope. Try and think differently. Try to consider what you could do to increase your turnover and profit and get people talking. It isn’t as hard as you may think. YouTube videos can be made very cheaply and fairly quickly. Links can be made from your social media accounts and your blog. (you do have a blog right?).


The Camera is your Friend


When I say make a video I don’t mean the boring old piece to camera of your sales manager extolling the virtues of your product because this will sent your audience straight to sleep within twenty seconds. Not good. Your video needs to be well thought out; it defiantly needs to be entertaining and, if possible, with a touch of humour. Not convinced? Take a look at this,



Get Shot!


Yes, we are seeing a big company advertising in the video, but it does work on a smaller scale. In this video,the idea has been cleverly thought out and implemented. It showcases a product with the same delivery as a company selling a mobile phone or tablet would, and the fact that it’s a wacky video and very, good and amusing means that it is going to be talked about and shared which is great news for the company and its brand. All you need is a half decent camera, a tripod and some ideas.