With Google AdWords, URLs get an ‘upgrade’

With Google AdWords, URLs get an ‘upgrade’
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Corporate brands can now more easily fine-tune their advertising with Google, thanks to the introduction of what the search giant calls “upgraded URLs” – essentially eliminating disruptions associated with changes and allowing for greater insight into every click on an AdWords ad.

AdWords remains the online advertising platform of choice for the vast majority of firms, simply because it’s where enormous results are achieved. According to Google’s Economic Impact report, its advertising tools helped 1.5 million firms in the United States alone to generate around $111 billion in sales in 2013. It also says that an astonishing 97% of people using Google’s search engine are actively seeking out products and services in their own local areas.

So how are “upgraded” URLs going to enhance the user and corporate experience? Google says firms will gain a competitive advantage in their online marketing strategies by not having to devote as much time on updates to URL tracking, and that websites will load faster and there will be a reduction in crawl times. Additionally, new parameters for ValueTrack have been introduced, which allows for a deeper analysis of clicks, where they’re coming from and other metrics.

There are two elements to URL tracking; the address itself and then an add-on that appears when something like a redirect is performed. Up to now, when companies wanted to change their tracking, the URL itself had to be updated, and that meant Google had to review the entire URL again, which resulted in delays and potentially lost sales as ads did not run during the review period.

Now with AdWords, however, companies can simply submit the URL and the tracking data separately, and the tracking information can be updated at any time – without upsetting the account and triggering a temporary suspension of ads associated with the account. It makes for far more efficient internet advertising, for Google as well as its clients.

The change is currently being rolled out across global markets and Google is urging clients to migrate to its new system by July 1 this year, when updating of the URLs will begin. For more information on how to make the change, visit https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/6049217.