Google Rebrands and Updates Mobile Search

Google Rebrands and Updates Mobile Search
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You’ll likely have seen the new Google logo. It’s basically a new font that is a bit… Plain. Online Marketers are buzzing with rumours and reasons for the new look.

In the same way that Apple updated their icons some some time ago to the more basic and some would say “retro” look, it would seem that Google is going through a rebranding. Maybe they are trying to portray the image that they are simple and no-nonsense. Or perhaps they just fancied a change?

But changing one of the most iconic and instantly recognisable logos on the planet seems a little unnecessary really, unless of course it’s part of a much bigger picture?


Google Mobile Getting an Overhaul NOW!


Google announced on the 1st of September that it’s mobile search results and Google Now cards will be getting updated “to reflect the company’s new visual language”.


The new Google search view on mobile.


Part of this update means that your Google App home page (On Android devices currently) will be tappable and swipe-able so you can go straight into images, news stories and videos… and “more”!

The theory behind this is that the new cards will be organised by category so users can intuitively find what they need quicker and the cards will be updated as the days wears on with relevant results.




The Logo Must Go Go

You may notice if you take a look that the new logo is animated… Starting with the old logo which is erased and replaced with the new one. All very flashy and nice though perhaps counterintuitive to the new “simple” font:

The logo as it appears on mobile


Rebranding of this nature is not a common occurrence with huge corporations like Google and without a doubt it will be a side effect of their recent announcement that the company will be split with Alphabet being the R and D side of Google that previous all came under the same umbrella.

Whatever the true reasons or outcomes, keep your eyes on Google and watch this space as big changes are going to keep coming.