Google rolling out price extensions for mobile text ads

Google rolling out price extensions for mobile text ads

New extension shows pricing information about products and services – with much larger ads on mobile.

mobile-price-extensionsA lot has changed when Google first launched AdWords. Mobile ads didn’t exist, and we used mobile phones for calls and texts. These days, we use our mobiles for browsing the web more than our computers and over the last few years Google has slowly moved into an increasingly mobile first approach. The new price extension is yet another sign Google is giving mobile some serious attention. Price extensions show as a list below the main ad copy on mobile devices. Note how much space the top ad commands on mobile searches.



When do Mobile Price Extensions Roll Out?

Now! Well, over the next few days for sure. You might not see them in your ads yet but they’ll appear soon enough.


Will Price Extensions Show on Desktop?

No, not yet at least.


Am I Eligible?

Only the top ad position is eligible for mobile price extensions. This is significant: It’s going to ensure lots of competition and that means higher CPC’s for AdWords advertisers.