Google rolling out Shopping Remarketing Lists

Google rolling out Shopping Remarketing Lists

With the holiday season upon us we all no doubt will be buying gifts for all of our family and friends, and according to Google shoppers are buying increasingly swiftly, with each mobile shopping session lasting 7% less time than last year. Google have also informed us that shoppers are making 64% more purchases in the retail category, according to their Google Analytics data.

Well, Google are rolling out shopping remarketing lists, which allow advertisers to re engage high value customers if they drop out of purchasing their products at a particular point, striking whilst the iron is hot springs to mind.

These lists can just be used to target customers that have already purchased from your site, which will be super effective as said individual will already know how quality your products are hopefully you can entice them into purchasing from you again, all thanks to remarketing lists.

Google allowed a select number of businesses to try our their shopping remarketing lists and they have had a seemingly warm reception.

Here at DPOM we are looking forward to taking advantage of these remarketing lists.