How to grow your Instagram account

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How to grow your Instagram account

Instagram has become one of the fastest growing social media networks, that’s fact. Focusing on visual content, it provides brands and businesses with the opportunity to connect with potential consumers. With more than 300 million active monthly users, Instagram still offers businesses the opportunity to reach new users without buying ads. Bear in mind that it’s not just about the followers. Establishing an engaged community is a big part of an effective Instagram strategy. 

Consistency is Key

In order to build an audience and grow your Instagram account, consistency is vital. It is nigh on impossible to build a relevant following whilst being dormant for days or weeks at a time. This doesn’t mean you have to post multiple times every day, but creating a well thought out posting schedule to coincide with peak times will help you stay in your follower’s newsfeeds (and mind). At the very least, post 3 times a week to lay foundations for a relationship with your audience.

Quality over Quantity

Although posting regularly is crucial, that MUST be teamed with quality. Content creation has become a competition, so you’ll need to really pull your finger out in order to wow your audience. There are ways you can achieve this, such as creating your own original content and videos. This allows you to create a completely original experience, that can only be found with your brand.


It’s called social media right? So be social! Always respond to comments left on your images and videos, this shows your audience that you’re active regularly and that you care about what they think of your brand. Always maintain your brand tone and voice when doing so, because like I said before, consistency is key.

Tone & Voice

People follow brands and businesses that they can relate to. There are no two ways about it. This is where your brand voice comes in. Use emojis, hashtags and captions that express your tone and voice, to give further context to photos and videos, while reflecting the attitude or ‘vibe’ you want your followers to feel.


Using hashtags in the right manner is another key to growing your Instagram account. When utilised properly, hashtags will expose your posts to new eyes and people who may not be following you but may be interested in your brand/products.

With that said, know that hashtags aren’t one size fits all! Finding the best hashtags for your business takes time. Using the trial and error method is usually the best way to go about it. After the trials and tribulations of finding your perfect hashtags, you will discover that you are attracting an audience that will convert into engagement, traffic and sales later on. In theory, it makes logical sense to use the most popular hashtags for exposure – but in reality, you won’t get the long-term results you desire.


Forming relationships with the right influencers can be a great way to increase brand awareness on Instagram. Emphasis on the RIGHT influencers. Choosing a brand to collaborate with, purely for their follower count is foolish. Be sure that your target influencer is relative to your brand and the message you are trying to send.

Know your audience

Finally, the most reliable, tried and tested method of growing your Instagram account is to simply get to know your audience. Pay meticulous attention to what hashtags they use, what publications they may read and what other accounts they follow. You can also get to know your audience by paying attention to your analytics! If you have an Instagram Business account you’ll be able to access analytics very easily.