Social media a top priority for top communication execs

Social media a top priority for top communication execs
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International chief communications officers are taking social and digital media into their duties more and more, claims a new report.

This means that, in comparison with previous years, there is now a greater emphasis on using those with expertise in this area, and forging relationships with bloggers and Twitter users of influence.


Social media will only grow in importance


A worldwide global executive recruitment company and an international PR firm jointly carried out the research, as part of a survey called The Rising CCO V, which has been carried out for the last few years and looks at how Chief Communications Officers feel their responsibilities will change in time as the world becomes ever more media-fragmented and digitalised.

This year, it was found that no single thing will have more impact on the job of these executives in the year ahead than social media. In fact, just over 90% reckon social media will only grow in importance.

Every region studied came up with the same finding – the research covers Europe and Latin and North America.

Social Media Top Priority for Top Communication Execs

A spokesman for one of the organisations carrying out the survey said:


“Some are working hard to acquire the right tools and staff so that they can make their way through this world of change, others are trying hard to keep up.”


Another finding from the survey is that, while external communications tend to concentrate more on traditional forms of media, the two are used for varying purposes. Many also see the benefit in integrating both for certain aspects of communications, for example crisis management, but not for others.

Indeed when it comes to crisis management, the majority of Chief Communications Officers, or more than 60%, believe social and traditional media forms to be just as effective as each other.

There’s a similar view when it comes to attracting fresh clients, customer retention and raising awareness of a new service or product – social media is equally important.

But, when it comes to announcing financial results, it seems that traditional media is still best, while, for attracting new talent to an organisation, social media is more effective.