How useful is the Twitter Analytics upgrade?

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How useful is the Twitter Analytics upgrade?
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Social media platforms have long been offering analytical tools to help users improve their marketing strategies. This is because knowing your audience, and understanding what they want or need, is essential for all businesses.

Social media insight data is generally free, and as a result it can vary in quality. So the announcement that Twitter Analytics has been upgraded is being welcomed by many in the marketing industry.

The new Twitter Analytics is said to provide a much deeper level of knowledge than the previous version, and another major plus is the fact that this additional data is also quick to access.

In order to understand exactly what Twitter Analytics can offer your business in terms of improved marketing, it’s helpful to look at all three sections of the package separately.


Account home

Account home will provide an overview of your monthly performance statistics. You’ll be able to see your tweet volume, the number of visits to your profile and the number of tweets which mention your name. You’ll also see what your most successful tweets were, and find out which of your followers is the most influential.


Tweet activity dashboard

The tweet activity dashboard allows you to track impressions and engagements, and then discover your engagement rate. You’ll also be given your number of likes, retweets, replies, video views, link clicks, profile clicks and detail expands.


Audience insights dashboard

Audience insights dashboard is where you find out who your followers are, and it is also where the upgrade can really be noticed. Alongside basic demographic information, there is a wealth of other valuable data to access. It includes: income brackets, property values, purchasing habits, information about TV viewing and the name of wireless providers.

The data is categorised into groups such as: parents, graduates, small businesses, Generation X and millennials. This is to make it easy for you to assess your followers against other audiences. You can compare them with a typical Twitter user, audiences that are similar to your own or even another target group altogether.

The new Twitter Analytics may not meet all of your marketing needs, but it will certainly meet more of them than its predecessor.

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