How to avoid ‘meh’ marketing

How to avoid ‘meh’ marketing
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In a world where online content reigns supreme and tales of fluffy kittens and grumpy cats literally makes the world go round, how to you fend off a potential ‘meh’ response to your latest marketing campaign?

In fact, what really constitutes the difference between ‘meh’ and the kind of ‘LOL’ that goes viral on Google?


Get the most out of your viewers

Whilst the charm of small fluffy animals is undeniable and seems to elicit a positive response from even the most cynical of viewers (the more testosterone fuelled the better), fluff simply doesn’t fit with every brands raison d’etre.

For some brands (e.g. auto manufacturers) it’s about elitism, desire and the realisation of dreams where the addition of a cat may simply serve to raise concerns about said fluff finding its way onto the upholstery.

However, boil it all down and what really counts here is raw human emotion. The transfer of information alone simply won’t cut it.

Complex information when presented with humour suddenly becomes far more palatable and easily understood. The mundane dressed in a sexy suit takes on a select and sought after air. There is no time for mistimed or misplaced humour or accidents with the air-brusher.

The key here is remembering that the dissemination of information is not merely to be had at the culmination of a PPC. You are actually in a relationship with your chosen audience and it’s down to you to find out just where their funny bone and desires are located.


Know your Target demographic

So ride the zeitgeist of all that is popular within your target demographic. Get to know them well and then push their boundaries just a little further, so that they are familiar and comfortable with the direction you are taking, but not exactly sure where you are going.

The more predictable the outcome, the more likely they will switch off before the punchline.

Keep it real, grounded in your audience’s world, yet offering a little something extra that challenges their thinking or perceptions.

Otherwise take a risk and go completely surreal allowing your audience simply to escape!

Both methods have their appeal, but the risk adverse ‘meh’ campaign that tries to tread the middle ground will never be anything more than background noise.