The Benefits of Using Google Adwords

The Benefits of Using Google Adwords
Paris, France - January 03, 2017 : Google AdWords is an online advertising service that enables advertisers to compete to display brief advertising copy to web users, based on keywords.


The main benefit of Adwords is that people who are already searching for your product or services are seeing your ad. You are controlling the geographic location in which your ads appear along with the specific websites your ad is appearing on. Much more control, laser targeted and you’re saving money.


Probably the best way to understand this is by way of an example.


Imagine that your company produces spicy sausage rolls and is based in Whitby. If you target your ad for that same geographical location, then whenever anyone in that that area searches for “sausage rolls”, they will probably click your ad and make a connection with your business. I would, but then I just love spicy sausage rolls.

The thing is, all these clicks can be tracked. You can tell how many people clicked your ad and where they’re coming from, plus lots of other details. You just can’t get that vital information from adverts in magazines.

This information can be literally priceless. If an ad isn’t working as well as you think it should, you can use Adwords tools to change and improve it. I say you, but in the real world you won’t have time to do all this so you need to find a Google Certified Partner to manage it for you. Why? Well Adwords is like a young child, it needs constant attention and looking after to make sure it behaves. It needs monitoring, feeding and educating. It does take time, but like all kids, it’s definitely worth the effort. Spicy sausage roll anyone?