Manage the expectations of your clients

Manage the expectations of your clients

From a sales perspective you will always want to take on new clients but ensuring that these clients receive a good service – and that you can actually help them in the first place is incredibly important.

Expectation managing from your first contact with a client is essential if you want to build a strong business relationship. There is absolutely nothing wrong with ensuring potential clients know that you are not a miracle worker – and that PPC campaigns require time to see results.

We have all built accounts that hit the ground running and the client is incredibly happy but believe me, trying to retrospectively tell your client that time is the key after promising them instant results will not be pretty.

Build relationships

Here at DP online marketing I love the fact that as account managers we get to deal directly with our clients from the first time they call – this allows me to build a great working relationship with my clients.

If we had a sales team that purely push the sale without working on PPC campaigns this could cause a mountain of problems in 4 weeks time when the client I inherited isn’t seeing the unrealistic returns they were potentially promised.

This is simply avoided by telling the truth to the client. In my experience clients that I have dealt with appreciate honesty and see it as a sign of integrity. In any walk of life making a promise you cannot deliver on is not right – Pay Per Click marketing is no different.

Be up front about which services you can provide and to what level you can fulfil them. This also applies if you are caught out by a question. Whether a potential client has a very unique request and throws you a curveball – even if you forgot your early morning coffee and you’re caught off guard – never say yes/no if you’re unsure.


Balancing your desire to win that new client with your duty to manage the expectations of the client can be a tricky task. You do not want to place doubt in the mind of your client – because you know you’re good at what you do – so be confident & approachable but above all else be honest. It will pay off more often than not.