Blocking Mobile Ads On Safari?

Blocking Mobile Ads On Safari?
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Mobile Ad Blocking could soon be available and this would not only chip away at Google’s Ad Revenue – it will harm every Ad network that is available.

However Google are still currently the default search engine on IOS devices so the Apple updates in IOS 9 could hit Google harder than most.

The ’content’ blocker only currently applies to safari and although Apple never use the term ‘Ad Blocking’ given that they state they are implementing an efficient way to block cookies, images, pop ups and other content – that’s exactly what they mean.

Once users download an app that has the content blocker extension, it shows up in settings. Users can then independently disable the content blocker in these settings.

A recent report shoes that Google may have lost nearly a billion in ad revenue in 2014 due to 10% of the United States internet users using different forms of Ad blockers installed in their desktop browsers. Google apparently tackles this issue buy paying millions to be whitelisted by services such as AdBlock so some of their ads make it past their filters.