How blogging and SEO work hand in hand

How blogging and SEO work hand in hand

Getting a grip on SEO can sometimes be difficult, and with Google regularly changing its algorithms as well as its policies, it can become hard to keep up. One thing that has remained constant, however, is the fact that blogging is a vital part of SEO. Good and regular blogging helps you communicate and build trust with your buyers, it will also contribute to positioning you as an authority on a certain subject, which will further create trust and give you a better chance of improving your conversion rate. On top of that, however, there are a number of activities which blogging provides an opportunity for, and these activities can help boost your search ranking further.


Backlinking can be a huge benefit to your site because it will give your content a level of authority. If Google can see that a number of other sites have linked to your content, it will assume you’re producing good content that the searcher is going to be interested in. The more sites you can get to link to your content, the more chance you have of improving your search ranking. If you manage to set up relationships with high-quality and reputable sites that post similar items to your own blog, the chances are their users are going to be interested in the content you create. That enables you to get high-quality click-throughs to your site from engaged users who are ready and willing to read your content. It all starts with the quality of your content, however, so you’re going to have to regularly produce engaging content that other sites deem to be shareworthy.

Guest bloggers

As with backlinking, the occasional guest blog can be very helpful to the overall SEO of your site. Working with respected writers who are an expert in their industry will enhance your standing and encourage users who regularly read the experts’ content to visit your site. A good guest blog from a well-known source has the potential to bring in tremendous amounts of traffic, and you can bet it will generate plenty of backlinking opportunities too.

Fresh content

Fresh content is the primary reason for blogging when it comes to SEO. If you take into consideration that the static pages on your website are unlikely to change that much, it’s essential to have a blog simply because search engines such as Google love fresh and unique content. A steady, high-quality blog that has plenty of new information every week will give users more opportunities to find you via search engines. If you leave your site static and don’t bother with a blog at all, it’s pretty much a certainty that your competitors will outrank you on Google.

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