How to build your business with Instagram

How to build your business with Instagram

Instagram was once a way to share your favourite photos, but it’s now one of the best online marketing tools in the world. So many businesses are now getting noticed via Instagram, which is why it is a difficult egg to crack. If you are struggling with Instagram, take a look at some of our top tips below.


Instagram is constantly changing, and its new feature, Instagram Reels, makes it easier to find customers. Reels are short videos, 15-30 seconds in length, that show a funny sketch or advice video.

People can browse all reels, including those posted by users they don’t follow. This means you have the potential to reach unlimited amounts of new customers with them.

But what do you put in a reel? Whatever it is, it should be relatable or useful. Some sort of instructional ‘how-to’ video is always a good option.

Build a community

Community building is essential for Instagram. Your followers should be people who care about you and what you’re up to.

Detailed image descriptions which encourage lots of questions are one of the best ways to build a community. Reply back to any answers to make the person feel valued. Adding your own expertise to conversations is another great way to build your community.

Utilise ads

Instagram ads are a great way to reach new people and increase brand awareness. When Instagram ads pop up on someone’s feed or in their stories it can be used to boost followers and sales! Make sure you are making the most of this feature, and if you’re ever unsure on the best way to utilise ads, contact a professional.

Use Stories right

Stories are a great feature of Instagram and help brands to get more personal. Stories should be used as a way to offer your followers a ‘behind the scenes’ peek at your business. You can add snippets of the business day to day or even do a ‘get to know’ the owner session.

Make sure your photos look good

And, of course, Instagram is a visual platform first, so you should always keep your feed’s aesthetic in mind. Make sure your posts are cohesive and there is a theme running through your feed.

Does this all sound a little overwhelming? Let us help! We provide a professional online marketing service with top tips on improving your Instagram game. We’ll implement all of the above and more! Contact our team of qualified experts today!