Crafting the perfect Twitter profile for your brand

Crafting the perfect Twitter profile for your brand
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As with any banner ad, email, or PPC campaign, the landing page for your Twitter profile is key to establishing your brand. Each and every time you use your Twitter profile to follow another person, brand or company, they will receive a notification, before spending a moment or two deciding whether or not to follow you back. Most people will make this decision after giving your profile a quick once over, determining if they want to follow you or not follow you within an average of eight seconds. That isn’t a lot of time, so your profile needs to stand out and make a good first impression.


Drop the alias

One of the first things you want to do when setting up your Twitter profile is drop the pseudonyms and use your real name: personal and brand/company. Or, if these aren’t available, use something as close as possible. This has a couple of benefits: first of all, it lets clients know they’re in the right place; secondly, it makes it a lot easier to tie your Twitter account into your Facebook, LinkedIn, blog, and other social media accounts.

A Twitter handle that incorporates your name and brand, such as @MattDpomSEO, is also much more memorable and likely to attract followers, as opposed to something like @Wolverine7845.


Put a face to the name

Twitter is all about interaction on a person to person basis. With that in mind, avoid cartoons or caricatures when the time comes to pick your profile picture. A simple head shot is perfect, conveying an air of professionalism no cartoon graphic can hope to match. Try to look open and approachable; a smile is more likely to attract followers than a scowl.

If possible, use the same photo across all your profiles. This makes you more recognisable, not to mention easier to find. Once you’ve found the perfect photo, we recommend sticking with it as Twitter users look at and remember photos more easily than usernames.


Background checks

A custom Twitter background is a simple, inexpensive way to add a little colour and personality to your profile. Use that extra real estate to shoehorn in company details, contact information, offers, promotions, and whatever else you couldn’t squeeze onto your Twitter bio.