Facebook ditches photo syncing feature for Moments App

Facebook ditches photo syncing feature for Moments App
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Facebook has finally overrun the use of their photo syncing feature for an application dubbed Moments. Facebook has already circulated the message to its users to promote the new application. The photo syncing feature was available to ipad, iPhone, and Android users. The Moments app to be launched is interesting, as it is set to bring on board competition to its equals. 

The Moments app will revamp advertising in the social media platform with the photos sharing feature. You can pick photos from friends and share an unlimited number of photos with them. Sharing of photos with friends has never been this easy. You can also group pictures via the people represented in them, or even opt to group them by date.

Just like the photo syncing feature, Facebook has extended the art of storing photos online privately and sharing whichever and whenever you opt to share. The Moments application is available for downloads in the Google Play store for Android users, while users of Apple devices can download through the Apple app store.

The Moments app has received a soft landing welcome by photo sharing fanatics as they have had an easy time with the automated photo sharing experience. According to users, the app has its advantages and a share of disadvantages too. The automating of sharing photos is a plus on excellent photo sharing experience. The ability of users to find photos after saving them has now become easier. Photos can then be viewed in a video slideshow, which is easy to create on the app.

The app has received its fair share of criticism too. The viewing of photo sets must be executed in the application. The app does not allow viewing of photos outside itself. The photo sets can operate in the slideshow format but cannot open in another app. The slideshow limits the use of the pictures and sharing outside of Facebook.

Nevertheless, the application is easy to use and a cutting-edge innovation from the never-ceases-to-amaze Facebook. Advertisers can take full advantage of this piece of innovation to sell their services out there.