Google AdWords’ Buy Button

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Google AdWords’ Buy Button
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Wouldn’t it be so much simpler if customers could easily purchase your products directly from their search results? That’s the dream Google is trying to achieve with the AdWords’ buy button. This awesome tool hasn’t been fully developed yet, but it’s in the works and will come to search results near you soon. So what is the AdWords’ buy button and how can it help you? What do you need to know about this software before it hits the market?

What is the Google AdWords’ buy button and how will it work?

The AdWords’ button is designed to make purchasing goods easier for the consumer. This button will allow them to purchase whatever they want without ever leaving the search results’ page. So how does it work? When a consumer clicks the buy button, they will be redirected to a sales page that is hosted by Google where they can checkout and input credit card information that can be stored in the system. While Google hosts this page, the owner of the source site gets to choose the layout, giving them the opportunity for some brand placement.

Why you should use it when it comes out?

Retailers that use the button only have to pay for the clicks that lead to the product page, not those within the product page. This makes the button much more economical for retailers; they’d see an increase in sales at a much lower cost. This software could also get you a wider customer group that might not have known about your brand otherwise. If they’re satisfied, they’ll tell their friends, getting you even more customers. While the buy button could lead to a decrease in web traffic, the increase in sales will more than make up for it.

When and what might we expect for the arrival of the Google AdWords’ Buy Button?

Although the button was originally officially announced back in 2015, news of it has been scarce recently. Some advertisers are getting the option to opt in, but this is on invitation-only for the moment. It also is only accessible from an Android phone. Though access to it is limited as of now, the buy button will be available in the near future and will increase sales for business that opt in.

Google AdWords’ buy button is a new program in the works that will allow consumers to buy products directly from their research results’ page. While retailers may see a decrease in traffic on their website, they’ll see an increase in sales that will more than compensate for it. The buy button will definitely benefit the market as it doesn’t create competition, but rather helps everyone that participates, since the buy button will rely on third-party sources for their merchandise. There’s really no downside to this amazing new program.