When is the optimal time to tweet?

When is the optimal time to tweet?

This question gets bounced around all of the time. After all trying to get the most from social media is majorly important in this day and age.

So what’s the answer?

Well there isn’t a single answer – as everyone is trying to accomplish different goals – however Buffer have released a study that provides a lot of useful information.

The study is a good read however no two accounts are the same and the optimal time to tweet depends on all kinds of things, For example are you looking too maximise engagement or clicks?

Globally, the best time to tweet if you’re looking to maximise clicks on your tweets is between 2 and 3a.m. Thanks to people like Hootsuite & Buffer tweeting at this time isn’t a problem.

Buffer used data from Tweets that had been sent via their platform since October 2010 which totalled 4.8 million.

It would not be wise to stop tweeting at certain times all together – especially if you’re a global business – because even though it may not be a peak hour where you are, it may be a peak hour on the other side of the globe. So always keep that in mind when trying to optimise your social media activity.