Google attempting to stop accidental clicks on mobile ads

Google attempting to stop accidental clicks on mobile ads

Have you ever been scrolling through an article on your mobile when you make the dreaded mistake – you click an ad accidentally  – whilst simply trying to scroll through? Ultimately enraging the advertiser and filling yourself with overwhelming regret.

We’ve all been there but the good news is that Google are helping this become a thing of the past as they announce some new changes.

First off Google are making clicks that are close to the edge of an image not count. Google stated that the border of images was particularly prone to accidental clicks during scrolling – this should no longer be a factor.

Another change that Google have made is too only allow ads to become clickable once they have been on-screen for a “short period of time”. No body knows how long this period of time is going to be however Google stated that the delay would give users “enough time to examine the content of an ad”.

The final change Google are making is for in-app install purchases. Users used to be able to click the app icon, which had the close button overlayed on it. This change forces users to click the call to action button in order to count as a click.

These changes wont eradicate the problem totally but it should go someway into ensuring these miss clicks become less and less frequent. It is lovely to see Google addressing this issue.