Google Chrome Redesign: How To Get The New Layout Early

Google Chrome Redesign: How To Get The New Layout Early
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Google has redesigned the Chrome app, and it is now possible for Android users to test it’s new layout now.

Google have decided to make a few tweaks to this new software. They have tweaked the browser’s user interface, making its core features easier to access. The address bar has also been moved from the top of the screen to the bottom which Is a sensible switch considering that’s where your thumbs naturally rest when holding a smartphone.

With phone displays seemingly getting larger and bigger every year, making the top of the screen harder to reach, it’s likely that the bottom of your phone will be the location of the address bar for the future.

Along with all these incredible changes, Google has also created the Chrome Home Expand Button, an arrow key you can tap for fast access to your favourite websites and news stories that Google believes you will be interested in reading.

While the brand new layout hasn’t made it to the Chrome app as an official update yet, you can try out the new features early with Chrome Canary. With cutting-edge speed, world-class protection, innovative technology and privacy protection, is there any reason why you wouldn’t want to explore the new interface?

It’s an “experimental” version of the browser that offers early access to Chrome’s newest features before they arrive on Chrome.

However, it’s targeting mainly at developers and can be unstable.

Once the new update is downloaded, you will need to type chrome:// flags/#enable-chrome-home into the address bar.

This will then open a list with Chrome Home Android and Chrome Home Expand Button Android at the very top. Switching both of these from Default to Enabled will encourage Chrome Canary to launch itself. After this has been done, you will then be able to explore the new Chrome interface.

If you decide that the new layout isn’t your cup of tea, you can revert to the original Chrome by repeating the steps above and changed the Enabled back to Disabled.