Display Advertising

Think of display advertising as newspaper or magazine adverts: Graphical ads which are placed on specific web pages designed to promote your brand and encourage visitors to click through to your website with the added advantage of being able to target your ideal customer.



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Display Ads on the Google Display Network

Display ads (often referred to as Banner ads) can be static, text-based, interactive, video and can be specifically targeted to individual websites and web pages and also automatically placed in context (i.e. ads can be assigned keywords to match them to relevant content and thus place them within this content).

How can Display ads be targeted?

There are many targeting methods for display ads including keywords, demographics and re-marketing. We can target users by their interests (for example, Music Lovers) users between 35-44 years of age or both! With Googles Display Network reaching 90% of the Internet, display ads are a powerful tool whether you’re a small or larger business.





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Why Choose DPOM?

Aside from our 5 star reviews and Google Premier Partner status, there are several further reasons why you should choose DPOM to manage your Pay Per Click advertising:




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