So What Makes a Good Text Ad?

So What Makes a Good Text Ad?
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Alrighty, you now know the theory of creating successful text ads, now lets have a closer look at what you should and should not be doing.


Your Headline

Being the first line of your ad, this is the one that is going to get noticed by potential customers. It’s always a good idea to include keywords in this line, as searchers will notice immediately that this line contains the search term they used. For example, if you are marketing paper plates, your first line might read “Disposable Paper Plates” which would soon grab the attention of anyone who is looking for these items. Don’t go too mad though, you only have a maximum of 25 characters in your headline. If you use more than this, part of your ad won’t show. When your ad displays, your headline will be in blue.



Line 2-The Description

This is where you put some description of your product or services. So, following the theme above, line 2 might read, “Paper Plates, all colours available” This gives the customer more information inasmuch he now knows he can buy your paper plates in any colour. You have slightly more space to use for this line, a massive 35 characters.



Line 3-Description and/or a Call to Action

This is a suggestion to your prospective customer so that they click your link and go to your relevant landing page that contains the product they have searched for, for example your bright pink paper plates. So, your third line might read, “Fast Delivery, Buy Today and Save” or “Save 10% Now by Ordering Online” As above, you have 35 characters so choose your words carefully.



Line 4-The Display URL

The actual URL for your landing page may be quite long and filled with all sorts of numbers and special characters that might not look very attractive and almost certainly will exceed the 35 character restriction. To get around this, AdWords lets you choose your own URL that, unsurprisingly, is called the Display URL. Obviously it needs to be a relevant and meaningful URL, so for example if the actual URL (Called the Destination URL) for your landing page is www., you might make the display URL thus,



And Finally

So that’s all there is to it. A simple, snappy, informative ad that tells your prospective customer exactly what they want to

know so that once they click your Display URL, they are whisked away to your landing page to decide how many products they want and when they want them.

It’s worth just mentioning again, the importance of the landing page that your customers are being directed to by your ad.You might be the worlds best at creating efficient and engaging ads, but if the landing page is not relevant to the information on the ad, it will just not work. For instance, if your ad is clicked and the link goes to, people are just going to bounce straight off your site. An opportunity lost and a wasted budget.