What Tech should marketers take advantage of in 2015?

What Tech should marketers take advantage of in 2015?
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As anyone who has tried their hand at social media advertising will tell you, the world of marketing is incredibly competitive. Marketers are constantly inundated with new trends and technological breakthroughs, and keeping up with them is almost a full-time job in itself. On the other hand, the rise of technology has given marketers more options than ever before, putting powerful tools in their hands, ones that allow them to oversee entire marketing strategies from the comfort of their smartphones; something that would have been unthinkable just a few short years ago.

In 2015, new technology will continue to emerge, some original, some innovative, and some downright useless. One of the biggest contenders is the “marketing cloud”, an exciting innovation that could revolutionise online marketing. Below, we discuss some “cloud” applications we think businesses should embrace in 2015.


Stay interconnected

Marketers spend a lot of their time sifting through data, looking for valuable insights they can use. Using this data to produce actionable strategies, however, is difficult, purely because it is usually scattered across a plethora of platforms (CRMs, Google Analytics, etc), making it difficult to draw meaningful conclusions.

In 2015, marketers will have to start taking action, demanding solutions that can stitch all those disparate blobs of data together and give a unified, overall view. This will allow them to draw conclusions with enviable rapidity, making for faster, smarter marketing campaigns. The cloud might just be what they’re looking for.


Rich content

Content is king in the marketing sphere, but offering up quality content to your customers consistently isn’t without its challenges. That could all change with the cloud on your side. With access to so much data, you can begin to build up a picture of your customers; identifying trends that strike a chord with the audiences you’re targeting.


Anywhere, anytime

Having all of your data floating in the cloud also allows you to work on projects anywhere, at any time. To take full advantage of this development, businesses need to start structuring their data so it can accessed from a variety of devices: laptops, mobiles, tablets and more. The more options you give your staff, the quicker they can react.