Boost your brand with a giveaway on Twitter

Boost your brand with a giveaway on Twitter

Twitter is leading the way for businesses that want to engage with new and potential clients. Clever outreach strategies have become critical for companies looking to get an edge over their competitors on social media. As more brands turn to Twitter, the more creative you need to be.

So how can you make your business stand out from the crowd? Everybody loves to receive a gift, whether they are a multimillionaire or working towards their next month’s rent. Give consumers what they want and they will come back for more. Put gift giving on Twitter into practice now.


Keep it relevant

You wouldn’t give a friend a gift without careful consideration and you shouldn’t do it on social media either. If your business is health care, don’t give away an iPad. It will attract the wrong audience. Are you planning a product launch? By giving away a new item, you are raising the profile of your launch, with the added bonus that the freebie sports your branding.


Know your hashtags

Don’t underestimate your audience; many people are aware that free gifts could await them and will actively search them out. Let Twitter users find you by using hashtags they know: #Competition, #Giveaway or #Sweepstakes.


Be inventive

So how can you set your brand apart? Lead your campaign with a catchy hashtag creation of your own. Tesco’s #FindTheEggs was one of the most shared hashtags at Easter. The cost of what they gave away was minimal, but the users who won a chocolate bar were left happy and very talkative.


Mix it up

The hashtag is commonly thought of as a Twitter tool. It can however, be used on other sites, such as Instagram and Facebook. By promoting your hashtag across multiple platforms, you can expand your reach while keeping your campaign consistent. For example, you could encourage winners to upload photos onto Instagram showing off their prize.


Track your audience

Don’t sit there and wait for engagement. Find relevant users that you know will be interested in your products. Try searching for people interacting with similar brands and engage with them. Remember, keep it relevant and ensure that your giveaway goes to a future customer. Applications such as Hootsuite incorporate a tracking tool that will ensure you don’t miss a trick.