Will Google’s Online Marketing Challenge help you to find your new top employee?

Will Google’s Online Marketing Challenge help you to find your new top employee?
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A key aspect of being a successful marketing director involves being alert to new talent. Scouring competitions like Google’s 2015 Online Marketing Challenge is a great way to find the top employees of the future. So keep a look out for the budding online marketers who win, or perform strongly, in this competition.

$250, one team of students: some inspiring results.

The terms of the competition are simple. A team of students are given a $250 budget from AdWords, and they must use this to develop the best online marketing campaign that they possibly can. Each team is given three weeks to create their campaign and the results are displayed in what is always a very inspiring final show.

As such, the competition is ideal for spotting exciting future online marketing professionals who are creative, innovative, and able to work within a budget. Each team needs to pay close attention to branding, to develop strategies for a wide variety of platforms including social media, and to get to grips with technical solutions such as PPC advertising.

Marketing directors of companies with international aspirations should watch this competition closely, as this competition is also a great place to find the latest international talent. Over the 7 years that it has been running, it has attracted students from around 100 countries throughout the world.


Why not get your business involved?

The student teams at this award are charged with the task of formulating marketing campaigns for real businesses and not for profit organisations. Why not contact the organisers to see if you can get your business involved? Who knows, you might get a great new marketing campaign out of it, as well as supporting new talent – it’s a win win situation.


When will the results come out?

The winners in Google’s Online Marketing Challenge will be announced in July or August 2015. So make sure to tune back in then to hear what the judges thought and, of course, what decisions they made. You can also read each team’s impact statement and see their final campaign at this final stage.