How match types affect a campaigns performance

How match types affect a campaigns performance

It is basically the first lesson that any PPC account manager learns, how to use different match types in your campaigns. It is essential to any campaign that we utilise all of the tools available.

If you use too many exact match types you can cause an account to become stale. You will still receive consistent conversions from your exact match keywords but you cannot possibly grow your account out further as the only traffic you’re receiving is the exact match keywords. You have to find a nice balance of match types to allow the account to progress.

Exact Match Keywords

Exact match keywords are crucial to a successful Adwords campaign, they allow you to streamline traffic and not receive any irrelevant traffic. Effectively you streamline your account, the keywords you bid on have the best chance possible of being relevant to your ads and you often find that conversion rates on exact match keywords are higher than average.

Broad Match Keywords

Broad match keywords is the default match type in AdWords and has the widest reach of any over match type. Using broad match keywords will enable you to unearth keywords that you potentially would never have found without the flexibility of broad match keywords. However you need to be careful as too many broad match keywords can eat up too much of your budget and stop the better performing keywords showing.

Modified Broad Match

Modified Broad match keywords generally speaking help you too keep a lid on the broad stream of traffic that is presented by broad match keywords, but you can keep a leash on how much unpredictable traffic can come through the door.

Phrase Match Keywords

Phrase match keywords offer some versatility that broad match keywords provide, whilst giving you a higher level of control. Your ad will only appear when someone searches for your key phrase in the exact order you have entered them, but it can contain additional text before or after it. Being able to extend the keywords you bid on enables phrase match keywords to generally keep on top of where your budget is being spent whilst allowing a lot of additional but relevant traffic through.