My Client Centre – Who and Why

My Client Centre – Who and Why
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Putting it all in perspective

The MCC (My Client Centre) is a powerful tool that enables account managers to view/manage multiple AdWords accounts quickly and efficiently from a single location. The MCC also allows us to view valuable information such as Click through rates for both advertisements on the Search network and the display network along with the number of converted clicks each particular account has gained.

Effectively the MCC tool grabs all of your clients, puts them into one place and allows you edit, enter and exit all of your existing accounts with a single click. All from one place.

Who should use MCC?

The MCC tool is purpose built for practically anyone who has to frequently manage multiple AdWords accounts. Its commonly used by AdWords Agencies such as us here at DPOM but basically it helps any online marketing professional.

The MCC is an AdWords account managers best friend simply because of the way that is helps you organise your workload. Organisation is essential especially when you have customers that pay you to manage their accounts.  The MCC allows you to edit the budgets across all your AdWords accounts from one place saving time and effort that is invaluable.

Labels are also an effective way to organise your account to either split your AdWords accounts into meaningful groups or find important accounts quickly.

Other Uses of MCC

The MCC can also be used to automate tasks. This can help with everything from scheduling ads for promotions and events to scheduling different budgets for certain days of the week.

The client centre also provides us the ability to search across accounts.  Being able to search across multiple accounts at the same time is super effective in certain scenarios for example, if several of the accounts you’re managing have run Christmas promotions after the 26th of December these campaigns are redundant. Being able to find all of these campaigns from one place is infinitely useful.

To me the MCC is essential and I don’t know how anybody could manage without it if they are running high volumes of AdWords accounts. This piece of kit is brilliant.