What Is Conversion Rate Optimisation & How Can It Benefit You?

What Is Conversion Rate Optimisation & How Can It Benefit You?
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Have you noticed that your website is receiving traffic but no leads or sales? This could be as a result of your website’s conversion rate. To increase conversion rate, you can change parts of your website that may currently be limiting your users and this is called Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO).

What is CRO?

CRO is the method of using Analytics, as well as user experience, to improve the performance of your website. It is used to increase the number of conversions that your website generates and these could be any type of contact such as phone calls, form submissions and sales. By making changes this will, in turn, improve a websites conversion rate which is the percentage of visitors who convert on your website.

It is not about finding a quick fix to improving your conversion rate or any other metrics. Although some small changes can significantly impact a conversion rate, research needs to be done to create a hypothesis as to what these changes need to be. A test must then be carried out and given enough time to gather conclusive data as to whether the change has been positive.

Increase your conversions

Simply put, if you improve your conversion rate, it means that a higher number of visitors to your website are going to enquire with you, make a purchase, subscribe to a newsletter or complete any action that you deem as a conversion. It has proven to be one of the most effective and scalable methods of gaining more conversions. For example, if your conversion rate is currently 1% then a slight increase of just 0.5% will provide you with 50% more conversions.

Decrease your Cost Per Conversion

Cost Per Conversion (otherwise known as Cost Per Acquisition or CPA) is a term used to refer to the total cost paid to acquire a sale, enquiry, sign up, customer and more. Conversion Rate Optimisation can actually help you to lower your CPA too. The reason is that if you increase your website’s conversion rate then there are more people converting, which means that you are spending less on average for each new customer that is acquired. As an example, by doubling your conversion rate, you can halve your CPA.

Get to know your customers

By delving more into conversion rate optimisation, you can learn more about your customers and what they are looking for and perhaps why they don’t convert. You can gather answers to any questions that you have by testing various aspects of your website and seeing how users react to the changes. A:B testing variants of your website will allow us to come to a conclusion as to whether a change has made a positive or negative impact on a goal.

CRO and Paid Advertising

You may already have some forms of paid online marketing, such as Social Media or Google ads, and CRO can make your current paid advertising campaigns more profitable. With paid ads, you are increasing the number of visitors to your website and these are often a more targeted audience which means they are already likely to convert. However, increasing the conversion rate on your website also improves the chances of this already targeted audience to convert.

By using paid search/social or SEO and not optimising your conversion rates, you could be wasting money. You can invest all you want into PPC campaigns, Social campaigns or increasing your organic rankings, but if your website has a low conversion rate then all this traffic and money will lead to little to no return. In short, if you don’t have a website that converts, then you can end up paying for clicks with no conversions.

About DPOM’s CRO service

We use industry-leading tools to run experiments that allow us to see how changes on a website can affect conversion rates. We will study your website analytics and make a data-driven determination of what your websites “weak points” are. After this, a hypothesis will be created to conclude what amendments can be made to improve these points, then a variant of your site is created to run alongside your current website. This will run until it has 95% certainty that it has made an improvement and then the changes can be made permanent.

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